The Subterraneans

That sudden short crying in the railyard and for a reason I really didn’t fathom, and couldn’tーsaying to myself in the bottom, “You see a vision of the face of the woman who is your mother who loves you so much she has supported you and protected you for years, you a bum, a drunkardーnever complained a jotーbecause she knows that in your present state you can’t go out in the world and make a living and take care of yourself and even find and hold the love of another protecting womanーand all because you are poor stupid Ti Leoーdeep in the dark pit of night under the stars of the world you are lost, poor, no ones cares, and now you threw away a little woman’s love because you wanted another drink with a rowdy friend from the other side of your insanity.”

from Jack Kerouac “The Subterraneans”

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